Amentma is independent merch design for friends and friends of my friends. Running small numbers, pre-orders usually to cover the cost of the design and enjoying the collective happiness once the garment or prints are out. We have strong antifascist and anti racist background so please do not try to purchase our stuff when you are some kind of alt right supporter, flat earth conspirator, homophobe or other cunt trying to deny other peoples rights to live and be happy.

Established in 2009, but first publishings and shit works can be back dated to 1998. Welcome and I hope this is the beginning of a new friendship.



2018 started with new Feminism Anti Nazi design. Its a rip off of old WW2 poster adjusted to current political climate. Pretty straight forward message.


AKIKO TMA is my first co-operation with talented artist from Italy with Japanese heritage Akiko. She did amazing Geisha snake design at the back of this 6 colour design made in Italy by the guru of diy screen printing Paulo, one of my best mate on this planet. CHOKE THE POISON is about fighting your addictions whenever it is sugar, drugs, meat, alcohol or tabacoo, you fight and choke the fucker off. Front print is Amen Tma design and long sleeves have additional japanesse print. This was pre-order only, but will have few garments as leftovers so check the store availability.




CRUISER is the 2nd new 2018 t-shirt design for all folks who ride skateboard, cruise their long board or penny boards. You might not go for the tricks but if you love the freedom or riding the deck then you should get this t-shirt asap before its gone. Join our cruising family. First time we will have kids sizes too.




2018 was the year of new Hard core photo book UKHC chapter II over 140 bands, 200 pages of pure hard core punk energy. If you regular underground goer I am pretty sure you will appear in the book one way or another. Its full of mates and sweaty faces. The book came with limited edition t-shirt design. Left overs are still available in the store for both - book and t-shirt.








DEAFMESSANGER from Prague / Czech republic is long time friend from the days we were crashing gigs and moshing to Delusion and Balaclava songs in his home town. Now, Kucin is making amazing diaries and puzzles in total underground way. Love his art and his family. Kucin is wearing Dakota design I swapped for his amazing oversized poster. Don't be shy folks, if you do your own art, we can always swap.



JUNE 2017 and we have new RUN, RUN, RUN, KILOMETRES TO RUN BEFORE I DIE, for all you running people out there - get one for your daily run, dark heather grey heavy cotton t-shirt with orange front and back print. Leftovers available in the store.






Along the way from the day one we have the best supporters in the world - one of them is this amazing family from Bratislava - Agata and Juraj, they did this combo photo shot for us. We love you. Thank you.


page_divider PEDAL POWER CLUB - this is the new 2017 design for all pedal lovers. We simply love bicycles, 365 days a year whenever its hot or raining we go and push the pedals - join our secret pedal cult crew and become a member of our secret sociaty - we know you want it so go and pre order yours. No borders just pedals. Last pre - order left overs left in the shop. Thank you / Vdaka - my dear supporters!



foto: Jana Klouckova Kudrnova,

foto: Mariana

foto: Jana Mikova,

foto: Mieroslav,

foto: Elliot Dixon from Mausoleum trap,

18057869_686833404834642_2494009301601036198_n foto: Dan Kollar


CARPATHIAN NAZI HUNTER - 2017 design is already gone. Its important we all let the world know where we are standing in current political climate. Thank you all for your support purchasing and supporting the idea of fighting far right. 161 forever. Every order received beautiful sticker.


Charlie PINTS representing Carpathian nazi hunter tee in the most memorable gig of 2017 in the best London venue Luna Lounge in Leytonstone. You better check PINTS one of the best punk hard core bands coming from UK.




foto: Pod kamennym stromom pub / Bratislava - they know the dress code to serve their customers - one of the best pubs in the centre of Bratislava / Slovakia.ým-stromom-118168568233120/

foto: From London Anti Far right march demo - teaching the youngsters the good values.


WATCH OUT cycling design from 2016 is gone - sold out.





ABSOLUTELY AMAZING new A3 posters, both designs on recycled heavy weight paper 300g monster printed with absolute precision. As always the numbers are very small and only 5 prints of each were made. Cycle of life and When the forest dies, we all die dedicated to the North American native people and their struggle - its awareness design to spread the message among the people. The posters are £10.00 each and worldwide postage. Thank you for support and keep an eye here for new designs and work. product_image


WHEN THE FOREST DIES, WE ALL DIE - LEAVE THE FOREST ALONE - STANDING ROCK - WE THINK ABOUT YOU every day - this design is dedicated to all the brave fighters protecting their land and water from greedy businesses. Our hearts and minds are with you.











NEW FOR 2017 - this suppose to be new bicycle t-shirt however due to low interest it did not go ahead, however we did new one which will be out March 2017. Keep checking our designs folks.



JAPAN TMA SOLD OUT design printed in Italy by the almighty Paolo Screen printing devil. 3 colour back and front chest design and anti racist on the sleeve. No t-shirt design without political message is the way forward haha. Few more still available in the shop. Limited to 30 t-shirts. You know you want one and wear it proud.
Also limited A3 posters printed but currently SOLD OuT. Check picture below.




WE LOVE CYCLING This is range of our previous cycling t-shirts. Every year one design since 2012 to wear off the old one and come with new force. Watch Out - Cheat death cycling design still available in man L size hoodie and tee available.







2016 was a year of UKHC book release. Excited to say it took approximately 3 months from the idea to printing and sold out the book. It was limited to 200 copies. 160 went for UK kids and 40 given away to to sell as benefit to release photography book of our dear dead friend Ondra Fisher who tragically died too young to make his dreams come true. Thank you all the folks, bands and people who pre-ordered the book all around the world and supported the release. Without you the book will be just idea and you are the true heroes here. Your names are always remembered inside the book with the memories. Read some comments about the book I would like to share with you. Thank you.

Tom Williams "Hey mate, the book is amazing. I showed the guys last night in practice and we had a good look its so good, really captures ukhc in a special way. Well done my man."

Roachesandratsx "Got this in the post from Roman and it put a massive smile on my face. Getting into hardcore in 2010 was the best thing to happen to me. Would not have the confidence and happiness I have today if it wasn't for the amazing people I have met and the music. Also thank you to hardcore and my friends for getting me onto and through my nursing degree. This book has so many familiar faces from around the UK. Reminder that UKHC is smashing it."

Andrew Miller Brazier "You have created one hell of a book man, had to wait ages to get hold of it because of work, but I am so so happy with it. Thanks man."


John Kata "So I have had this book for a week now. I have looked through it every day since then. So many good memories captured at the 12Bar that was the home of Londons scene and of course Ruction for about a decade. The book really shows your love for the scene. I love the words at the beginning , and your obvious love for the label that a small bunch of my friends started. Thank you for capturing all of this. It really is an incredible book."

Rach Sleet "Sweet book - made me sad though coz of the 12 Bar shots, I miss the place...well done though its really awesome."

Maria Mog Lopez "Wag1. Completely forgot to message you about the book until now. You smashed it out the park. So nice to see so many great nights immortalised in print and the way you chose the worst picture possible of Sam Ellis to be sent out to so many people fills me with an inexplicable joy. Thank you so much for both documenting this thing we all love so much so well and also bodying Sam."

Adam Harris "I don't think we have spoken before at a show but I must shake your hand next time I am there. Thanks for this book, really. I have been playing in bands within the hardcore scene for close to 10 years now and the stage and atmosphere for me is something I will never grow tired of. It is a place I can forget everything else in my life and just let go which is a rare thing is this day and age and as I grow older the more I feel I need it. Your book captures this beautifully so I thank you. It is true that we do this for the love of it, it has never been about money for me just the music and the people. Never stop doing what you do bro and thanks for this amazing book."






NOT IN MY TOWN Anti Nazi t-shirt design. Slovakia made a huge step back recently after allowing Extreme right wing party to enter the parliament after our grand fathers fight the nazi scum in the WWII. Yes, those racists scum bags are back and getting stronger. I have redisigned 5 - 6 years old design and added different front chest design. Thank you all who supported the design and wearing their anti nazi shirt with pride. This fight will never end and we have to do whatever we can to spread the Anti nazi message. AFA forever!








BOOK LOVER Honza and Jana Kloucek fooling around in Book lover design and carrying our zines. Additionally Honza hiding behind the Reaper family design. Crazy Wood Family Love.


BOOK LOVER Tomas Krissak is big book lover, of course he got his limited edition t shirt to show everybody around him he simply loves them and we love him back. Its a good feeling to know that very limited circle of people will only wear your t-shirt and you link with them and become friends although you are miles away from each other. Sending love to my home town Bratislava.



Empty Hall Of Fame singer Karel is wearing Reaper family t-shirt during their set. If you like melodic hard core punk then visit their website and support the band. My hand also draw their Brazilian cd cover design with t shirt. See below.


Reaper family Katy Gold is wearing the reaper family and sharing her daughter pic with us. Thank you for unconditional support for all the years.




Sovicka Makranska from Slovakian town Prievidza is making the best raw vegan cakes for various occasions, not only she is talented cake maker she is also dedicating life to drug free lifestyle and she will be more than happy if you will share a minute to check her work. The cakes on her profile are just perfect yum yum treats for your hungry bellies. Sovicka is wearing Hold Fast t shirt made back in 2010 and stencil sailor Ship Ahoy tee which is hand made and limited to 10 pcs.


Lenses Between Us currently residencing in Australia, photography project representing my designs around the world during their unforgettable journeys. If you do not know them yet, go and check their world famous blog about travelling and photography. Very talented arty couple. Zuzu is also running her own t-shirt design label called Meat factory clothing. Those folks also have their own creative studio called CREA CREA Studio Peto is wearing Capturing memories tshirt.




Klaudia aka Agience Maeve is tallented Slovakian photoprapher supporting this brand. She re-designed existing over sized t shirt and made her own dress. I cannot be more lucky to have talented friends and supporters like her. You can check her work and photos for sale on her facebook profile. Klaudia is wearing Lost Love tshirt transfered to dress.



Samuel Honza Kloucek / Samuel records from Olomouc / Czech rep. is my long time partner in crime. We are publishing together underground punk fanzine since 2005. Honza is the head, soul and heart of underground DIY label Samuel records, well respected in Czech republic and Slovakia. The best dude ever and family man. He put out some of my favourite records on vinyl. He is also member of collective Dog lovers records releasing awesome vinyls. Punk as fuck dude. Few years back Honza asked me to desing Samuel records tshirt and below is the outcome. Very popular among the rockers, below is guitarist Jirka from Sunshine, ex-Landmine spring wearing the Birds design and above Honza wearing Lost Love design.


Reserve07 shop is one and only urban art shop in Bratislava having some designs from us in stock. If you are around find them under the castle on Zidovska street and check their wicked original art - it is affordable shit so do not get shy and ask them for prices. The dude, Oki, is one of the first graffiti artists in Slovakia, you better check the legend. I also made their first official Deadly Magichairshop tshirt. Check the smoke above. Below is Cyklokalicia boss Tomas wearing Pedal pusher hoodie and holding Cycling foxy embroided tshirt.




COFFEE & GHOSTS from Vienna / Austria. Publisher, designer, artist, documentarist Thomas Reitmayer, the punk with heart and artistic soul who inspired me 15 years back regarding my view on art, punk and zine making. I have never looked back on paper and words the same way and have started to look at the format and design from more artistic angle.
Very happy Thomas is representing "Capturing memories" design in Austria. Check his publishing activity and support the dude. His CREATE & DESTROY publishing is putting out awesome publications and zines among others. Coffee and Ghosts is his design work, both worth to check and get yourself inspired.


Paulo Garcia Bassano / Italian stallion representing bicycle Pedal pusher t shirt. My best man standing besides me when marrying my wife Zuzka and the man who always makes me laught. Trust me, when we are together, we can never remain serious, we are like two teenagers out of line. Our wives hate us for that childish behaviour, but we enjoy the moment of fun. He is the dude behind drums from bands such xFratellanzax, Vitamin X or Product and many other hailing from Italy. As well as one of the remaining old school straight edge dudes in this planet. Hail to Paulo and his screen printing business, he does all those licensed old school bands tshirt printing. Check him out for some quality screen printing shit.


Glory Doughnuts Alissa and Keirsten are couple from Fredericks/Maryland/USA and owners of vegan shop Glory Doughnuts. Awesome business managed by awesome folks. I have made a fundraiser tshirt for them to support their local business and hell I am telling you those girls rock and running wild on their dreams. If you will be around Fredericks, be sure to pop in and get a coffee with hot vegan doughnuts. Above my wife Zuzka wearing Glory doughnut design made for ladies and below Alissa representing Cycling foxy embroided tshirt.



Filip Doe Potrok / The Citadel Galanta / Slovakia, Filip is a guitar player from Slovakian hard core punk band The Citadel. Filip is also supporting my designs with the almost sold out cycle patch Cut and Destroy. Check the band out, awesome melodic hard core punk singing in three languages Hungarian, Slovak and Engish. Below guitarist wearing Amen Tma skull stencil tshirt.




Yannick Wagner Vienna Austria drummer for Eisberg and Demonwomb is wearing Hold Fast t shirt design from JSSD collection from Amentma. Check his bands they are worth your time. Eisberg are intensive fast straight edge hard core with great shows.


Tomas Krupan from London/UK based band Soulmaze is representing Capturing memories tshirt. Also known from playing bass long time ago in Bratislava hard core metal band Abhorrence, before he moved to UK to try his luck. Soulmaze is awesome soul, funk, jazz band and of course you should check them out.


Samuel Mudohori and Jana Zilcay couple from Singapore where he is tattoo artist and she is professional photographer are also part of the amentma family and supporting those designs around the world. Jana is working on couple of interesting projects Ensof photography and Inked and Hitched. Go and check their awesome work. Jana is wearing Hold Fast tshirt and Samuel Lost Love.

foto: Andrea Galkova,


Roman Klubal / LORD ALEX Bratislava/Slovakia, below jean jacket belongs to Roman, guitar player from old school punk band Lord Alex. Three patches done for my web store while back and all proudly wear by Roman. Punk rock and amentma are always going to walk hand in hand. Lord Alex is very underatted punk band from my town and deserve more attention they ask for. Check them out. Above Roman is holding Fight hard tshirt.



FOLK DESIGN in 2013 JSSD put out this embroided t-shirt. It was very small run around 10-15 I think in co-operation with Polish friend Wojtek who runs Republikabarw embroiling business. Punk as fuck. We stick together right? 1384187_190491977802123_1229765554_n


GZA / PLUS MINUS Bratislava/Slovakia, is talented photographer, daddy and singer from Plus minus. GZA has been supporting amentma designs since the day one. He is the sweetest person from my hometown. Big music lover and passionate about life. Always pleasure to be around him and his family. Plus minus were very good Fat wreck style hard core punk band, those guys were involved in band like Ine Kafe, but decided to go underground and keep the spirit of the skateboarding, punk and music alive. Made them tshirt design too, see below. Gza is wearing first official tshirt Owl/Wolf back in 2009.



There is nothing more rewarding then to know some people are crazy enough to put your design on their skin. More of those please. Amentma designs love to be under your skin forever.


BLONDES AND DIAMONDS Olomouc / Czech republic company I did five designs for their last year collection. Not sure what went wrong, but saw only promo shoots out, not sure if those tshirts are still available or not, however I think I did good job drawing those sailor theme designs. Check them out if they are still around and see if you can get any...




VEGAN BAR BRATISLAVA Hell City, I did this awesome cat seitan satan design for local Vegan bar. When you are in Bratislava go and have some vegan food.



BIKECENTRIC Prague/Czech republic. Local bistro and bike tours are representing my Love, Life and Bicycle tshirt and used my slogan "pushing pedals make me alive" for their logo. I do not mind and care, it is sweet people get inspired and admit it. Visit them and support them. Anything to do with bicycles is welcome.



PISTA VANDAL / CAD Stefan Chrappa is the leader of two amazing bands in Slovakia, Vandali and Cad, when Vandali are Misfits style punk rock Cad is his evil metalic grind/death metal core brother, the same people, two different styles and totally DIY. They are making their own music, artworks, gigs, videos, you have not seen more creative band in the universe as those folks are. Somehow Pista ended wearing Lost Love tshirt for TV advert for the larges music festival in Slovakia. Personally not a fan of large festivals sponsored by multinational or alcohol producing companies, but always nice to see your work in public. Pista is also cofounder of awesome publishing company called Limerick who helped me to realease my first photo book Black Sheep.



DEAD HEROES RECORDS Bristol based record label managed by Ondra and his brother releasing extreme metal and punk bands. Ondra is wearing Hold Fast tshirt. Check the label and buy some vinyls.



BROKEN BOOKS Olomouc / Czech republic is place where you can find the founder and soul behind Broken Books. If you like Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn then check them out, well shit, those books are in czech for my folks out there, but nevermind you can still buy the english versions in your punk book store. Petr is wearing Fight hard tshirt while traveling the world and meeting local people.




MADCULT band from Slovakia asked me to make a tshirt design based on their up coming album, at that time. Came with the old sailor idea and octopus. The band is no longer active, but I am sure the folks are playing in new bands already. Check them on their facebook.



FRIENDS N TRADITIONS from Slovakian town Kosice is a hard core punk collective of old wolves who are organising DIY gigs in their home town. Those dudes are the coolest guys under the sun. If you are DIY hard core punk metal band and would like to play in East Slovakia those guys might help you if they have not retired yet. Story for the day: All three of them met in a local pub for a drink wearing each different design from my hand. So much respect for the crew. Crazy guys haha.